Hi, I’m Jeremy Standley, and thank you for wanting to know a little more about me and my work.

Some people have jobs, others have hobbies, but I knew I had found my calling in life the day I realized the only thing I truly cared about was capturing the most beautiful, unique images possible.

A sports journalist once said that behind every person’s story is their mother’s story, and that is particularly true for me as I am the son of a Vogue fashion photographer. It’s in my blood, before I could write my name I had a camera in my hand. At the age of 12 I won my first competition with an old Pentax; it was a black and white image of an apple, and no, my mother didn’t help me! Thankfully I have taken better pictures since. From that day I knew what I wanted to be when I grew up, what I had to be, and my career since has given me opportunities and life experiences that a hopeful twelve year old would never have dreamed of.

In my line of work I have traveled the world, I’ve met and photographed remarkable people from all walks of life, and I have loved every second of it. That is the key, love, as a creative person the moment you stop loving what you do your work dies and the magic is lost. And it’s when I am documenting weddings that my love for what I do really shines through.

Everybody knows that each couple’s wedding day, regardless of size or style, is a huge life event. But the energy that is created on such a special day with the uniting of families, the tears, the laughter and the wall-to-wall love, is extremely powerful, it’s electric, and it’s important that every tiny detail is captured. It isn’t enough for me just to take photos of what you, the bride and groom, want to remember. I believe that it’s vital that I embody how your wedding day made you feel. I capture moments that will evoke your wedding day’s unique energy each time you look at them, and to be able to create images that will magically transport you back to the happiest day of your life time and time again is an honour and a privilege.

During the last 10 years as a professional photographer I have documented over 300 weddings in more than 10 countries and have won many awards with the Wedding Photojournalist Association. What does that matter? Well it means that because of my years of experience your wedding photography is in safe hands. In fact I have created a sixth wedding sense when it comes to capturing the unseen on the day, I can hear a mother’s tear drop from the next room!

What do I get up to when I’m not absorbed in my work?

My better half Dee, who keeps me in check with her Irish energy and joie de vivre, can tell you that I’m a hopeless sucker for gadgets, cook a mean curry, and read anything and everything under the sun (preferably on the beach). When possible, I watch my beloved Norwich City, and am immensely grateful that the wedding season doesn’t clash with the football season. I love the outdoors and I am lucky to be surrounded by beautiful parks, mountains and beaches near my home in the South of Spain. I particular enjoy kayaking and cycling, and even when I’m not in the mood for a walk in nature our golden retriever Bella and wannabee golden retriever Charlie make sure that I’m up bright and early…

Thank you for visiting my website. If you like what you’ve seen so far please take a look at my blog, read what other couples have said about their photos and lose yourself in the pictures. I hope you enjoy my photography as much as I enjoy creating it, and most of all I hope that I will get the chance to add your beautiful day to my gallery.

Thank you.


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