The end of the year is one of my most favourite times of the year to shoot weddings, everything is cooler, a little greener and the light much less harsh. I am often asked if I have a favourite venue and as a rule I don´t really, that said……… Jenny. It was also great to show the venue to Jennifer who as ever captured some superb imagery.

Being able to capture and share any wedding day is a real honour and privilege and even more so when it is a small intimate wedding like Cydney and Mahryah, the chapel at Cazulas is a very special place and the ceremony conducted by Andrew Hunter ensured there was not a dry eye on the house ( including mine ). We had a truly fantastic time at your wedding guys and really hope your treasure the images, a few of many many of our favourites below and the slideshow is above.


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Love the father and daughter dance shot. Great stuff as usual.
Love the direction you've taken with your photography. Photojournalism is the hardest discipline of all, especially with weddings but you make it look easy and your imagery is fab. The shot of Mahryah coming down the stairs is my favourite but then I am a sucker for movement in images. Nice work fella.
wow, what lovely pictures. it reminds me of my dear friends wedding in ibiza and a lovely ibiza wedding venue a day i will never forget!