A couple of weeks ago Jennifer and I had the absolute pleasure of capturing the wedding of Fran and Dan or otherwise known as Franiel ( check out the postcard shot), it is always a delight being able to photograph Jewish weddings as they have so many fascinating elements to them.

A big thanks to the wonderful Vicky and Steph Marbella Options for making everything run so smoothly

I think you can tell from the images a fantastic day was had by all, we were there for 9 hours and not once can I recall seeing Fran without an enormous smile. It was fantastic working with you both and we are really excited about working with you on your album.

Thanks again.


frandan-01701 frandan-01361 frandan-5332 frandan-0586 frandan-0531 frandan-0418 frandan-0765 frandan-5540 frandan-5488 frandan-0368 frandan-0299 frandan-6156 frandan-6075 frandan-5835 frandan-1086

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What a beautifully shot wedding! You can really see the joy in the Fran's face. Mazel Tov to the bride and groom!
Jeremy, these aren't just photographs! - what you've captured enables us to relive every moment of an amazing day. Stunning! Thank you so much
Bloody brilliant!