If you have never been to Granada, then you should add it to your list of places to visit pronto! It is one of those magical cities that has a certain vibe that other, larger cities, don’t quite have.

Back at the end of August, it was time to set off to Granada for the wedding of Karen and Scott from the UK and a chance to meet and work with the lovely Angeles from Alhambra weddings. I have documented weddings at La Chumbera in the past and the views of the Alhambra are spectacular! It’s a view you could never tire of.

Karen and the girls got ready in Casa 1800 in Granada before the short drive to the venue in an awesome old Citroen. It’s always great to see a familiar face at any wedding, and non lovelier than Natasha, the Malaga Minister who conducted the beautiful ceremony. Cocktails and drinks were held on the terrace before a wonderful meal under the setting sun. As the Alhambra lit up we managed to dash off for a couple of memorable portraits, before some emotional speeches and more partying in the caves!

Thanks so much for allowing me to document such a great day and I really hope you enjoy all the images, slideshow and a few faves below. (Can’t wait to get started on the album!)

All the best,


Big thanks to:

Alhambra Weddings

Malaga Minister

Casa 1800



Wedding_Photography_La_Chumbera_Granada01 Wedding_Photography_La_Chumbera_Granada02 Wedding_Photography_La_Chumbera_Granada03Wedding_Photography_La_Chumbera_Granada05 Wedding_Photography_La_Chumbera_Granada04 Wedding_Photography_La_Chumbera_Granada06 Wedding_Photography_La_Chumbera_Granada07 Wedding_Photography_La_Chumbera_Granada08 Wedding_Photography_La_Chumbera_Granada09 Wedding_Photography_La_Chumbera_Granada10 Wedding_Photography_La_Chumbera_Granada11 Wedding_Photography_La_Chumbera_Granada12 Wedding_Photography_La_Chumbera_Granada13 Wedding_Photography_La_Chumbera_Granada14 Wedding_Photography_La_Chumbera_Granada15 Wedding_Photography_La_Chumbera_Granada16 Wedding_Photography_La_Chumbera_Granada17 Wedding_Photography_La_Chumbera_Granada18 Wedding_Photography_La_Chumbera_Granada19 Wedding_Photography_La_Chumbera_Granada20 Wedding_Photography_La_Chumbera_Granada21 Wedding_Photography_La_Chumbera_Granada22 Wedding_Photography_La_Chumbera_Granada23 Wedding_Photography_La_Chumbera_Granada24 Wedding_Photography_La_Chumbera_Granada25 Wedding_Photography_La_Chumbera_Granada26 Wedding_Photography_La_Chumbera_Granada27 Wedding_Photography_La_Chumbera_Granada28 Wedding_Photography_La_Chumbera_Granada29


Love these! You have such an amazing talent for framing.

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