At the end of October it was time for another fantastic trip to Barcelona. I have been fortunate to work in the amazing city several times this year and having met Monica earlier in the year was really looking forward to this one. It was also Jennifer’s first destination wedding ( I count flying there as destination ). On the arrival day we made a trip over to Bell Reco an amazing location just outside Barcelona, nearly as amazing was the lunch we had with Clare thank-you again. It was then back to get ready to shoot the evening party and also pop by and say hi to Monica and Pedro in their very ( very ) swanky Barcelona apartment ( see prep pics ). It was great to be able to shoot for a few hours the evening before and the stunning Hotel Claris roof top was the perfect place and were very lucky to meet some their fabulous family and guests. The following day it was a case of fingers crossed with the weather but the sun show brightly on the Saturday and it was back to Monica and Pedro´s apartment for some of the prep photos, the ceremony itself took place in the breathtaking grounds of Bell Reco followed by cocktails and dinner. It was a long couple of days with 1000´s of images and an amazing wedding. Thanks so much Monica and Pedro for letting us share the two days with you. A big thanks to Clare for organizing another fantastic wedding and all of her help. Really hope you enjoy a few of my personal favorites and if you have GREAT taste in music you will love this longer than usual slideshow which make take a minute or 2 to load. Click Here


These are great photos Jeremy. I am sure Monica & Pedro love them. It was lovely working with you and Jennifer. Well done, and let´s try and hook up in Malaga over Christmas!

Thanks Jeremy! I’ve watched the slideshow so far and it’s amazing, I really like your photos! Now I will dive into the 800+ pics one by one…
Thanks again!

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