WHAT IS YOUR STYLE? Creative,with a documentary approach would probably best describe it. I like to work very much in the background for the majority of the day without any interruptions to your wedding. I document the emotion of your day as it happens using unique and original perspectives of every tiny, little piece of the day that makes every wedding so very special..
DO YOU SHOOT FORMAL PICTURES? I try and cover these within 10 minutes and shoot them quickly and efficiently. (If you want to spend time jumping like star fish I am probably not the photographer for you). I also shoot all the other details that makes your story so unique. I have developed a great system over the years to ensure you guys get to spend the maximum time enjoying your party, whilst still receiving breathtaking images.

DO YOU USE AN ASSISTANT? This very much depends on the wedding, venue and each couple. I have a very talented associate photographer, Ruth, who is available for contract as a second shooter. For larger weddings this is an option you may wish to consider. For smaller, more intimate weddings I often shoot alone. I would also suggest my PhotoBooth as a great way to capture images of your guests..
HOW MANY IMAGES WILL WE GET? This depends on the the size of the wedding and various other factors. On average though I like to present my clients with approximately 400 – 700 images all beautifully post produced.

DO YOU TRAVEL? Absolutely! I have documented weddings from Ireland to Barbados and over 11 other countries and am a very experienced destination wedding photographer. If you would like more specific information on destination weddings then please let me know. You can also view recent Destination Weddings on my blog…
DO YOU SHOOT ALL THE DETAILS? I am primarily a documentary photographer but always shoot all the details, my ultimate goal is to provide you with breathtaking images of the entire day. I tend to blog more emotive and creative images and less “details”

HOW LONG BEFORE WE CAN VIEW THE IMAGES? On average approximately 6 to 8 weeks, depending on the time of year, size and style of your wedding, Every image I present to you is of the highest quality and every image receives a lot of love in the digital darkroom…
HOW DO WE HIRE YOU? A signed contract and a retainer of 500 euros will secure your date. I am not able to “hold” any dates.

DO YOU OFFER VIDEO? I do not currently offer video, I would however be very happy to advise you as the relationship between videographer and photographer is very important.

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