To the most amazing photographer that we have ever known! OH MY GOODNESS: WE ARE BLOWN AWAY, STUNNED and again AT A LOSS OF WORDS. Smiles cannot capture how we feel, our tears barely end before starting all over again We are still processing it all! We can’t seem to find the right words, but when we do.. you’ll be getting a copy of that chapter! YOU ARE AMAZING at WHAT YOU DO!!!! Jeremy, you are so incredibly talented in your field. The photographs (a word that barely skims the surface to describe your art) blew us away. We have not been able to respond because of the sheer enormity and impact they had on us. Your artistic talent has astonished us completely. We don’t know what to say (even more so now)! We feel this message doesn’t even begin to capture how we felt with looking at the images! We have viewed each image for hours on end. It took us 4 days to look at them all, and its going to take months to absorb the emotions you captured. You gave us the best Christmas present in our marriage so far! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!! We honestly don’t know how you did it. Sorted, edited and put finishing touches on all images, Plus a slide show that released tears at the first melody. UNREAL! You are truly remarkable and it was the best decision ever to have hired you! Big Bear hugs to you, You are EPIC! THANK YOU SO MUCH! Speak soon! Simran & Chris


Jeremy where do I start WOW ! You are truly an amazing photographer as I looked through these pictures I cried and laughed they tell the story of the whole day no words needed you captured every little bit of emotion of that day. You are by far the most fun photographer to work with your style is breath taking you are so creative. It has been a true pleasure to have worked with you and your amazing skill to capture a moment in a fantastic picture. Thank you so much for making our memories of our special day magical ! Aoife & Robert xxxxxxxx


Absolutely unbelievable.  We’ve just watched the slideshow at least 10 times before wanting to quickly write and say how stunning every single photo is.  The whole day came back with a flood of laughter and tears and pride in how truly beautiful that day was for us and (we feel) for our loved ones.  And you captured it so perfectly in a way we never thought pictures could do.  I read so many testimonials on your site and now its finally our turn to say Thank You!  You will forever be in our hearts for enabling us to relive these moments over and over.

We can’t wait to see the other pics tomorrow but again, we are blown away.  Thank you.


I have no words for your work…
It is exactly what we wanted and were hoping for…
every moment of our wedding was captured perfectly and the photos breathe our party’s atmosphere

I cannot express our gratitude enough….




We LOVED it. Jeremy, we are speechless… We just got off the phone with aaron’s mom because she couldn’t wait til this evening to watch with everyone, and she cried! All your pictures evoked  so much emotion, and you captured so many things that I had forgotten happened that day. This is such an amazing Christmas gift; we are so excited to show our grandparents that couldn’t make it! We’re on our way to my mom’s now to pick her up, and I can’t wait to see her reaction as well.


Oh my god!!!!!!! I am sooooooo HAPPY!!!! They are absolutely AMAZING Jeremy!!! I don’t know what to say, Thank you thank you!!!



Jeremy, Todd and I cannot thank you enough! We went through every single photograph with my grandmother who was unable to be present in Spain and she really felt like she was at the wedding because you did such a beautiful job capturing every moment. We really feel like we can step back in time and relive the magical moments and emotions that occurred on our big day. Thank you for being so easy going. My family and I cannot say enough great things about how wonderful you were to have at our wedding, not only for your artistic eye but also for your warm personality. It was a pleasure having you there! Love, Teresa and Todd


It’s been nearly 3 months since the wedding and I can’t help but think of it every day. It was an enormous amount of fun being around amazing people in an extraordinary landscape. Everyone did a fantastic job of adding in to make the special day unforgettable. The images you’ve captured genuinely hold the true feeling of the country, the smells of the vineyard, and the unbelievable time we all had. You’re a true artist, and a hell of a nice guy. It was a pleasure. Enri + Neri



It sure was an awesome wedding! And I’m afraid I will keep on liking those pictures on facebook as long as you keep posting such awesome pictures… Your fault! 🙂 The wedding was really beautiful, from start to end, a memorable day which crosses our minds at least once a day 🙂 Everything was perfect thanks to our perfect super wedding team!!! And I couldn’t have wished for better pictures. I’m still amazed when I look at them. Is that really us? Coz that seems like a picture torn right out of a magazine!!! And exactly, thank god we still have an album to design, and lots of wall space to go through the pictures over and over again trying to choose which one to hang where in the house. Thanks again for everything, and I’m sure that we’ll meet again, maybe with our kids, maybe for a renewal? Who knows! But I’m sure we will meet again! xxx