When you know, you know – and choosing your wedding photographer is no different. Everybody wants to have photographs to look back on that will continue to conjure up all the feelings and emotions they once experienced on the most important day of their life.

During the last 13 years I have photographed over 300 weddings in more than 12 countries. In that time I´ve learned a lot about people, and alot about weddings and the industry. I like to think that all that experience and creative evolution is evident in my work.

But how do you know if I am the right photographer for you? Well that´s easy. Don´t think it, feel it.

When you met “the one”, did you just know? And when you found your perfect home, car, or first pet, do you remember that intrinsic connection that you couldn´t explain? Well it´s the same when choosing anything creative, or in this case wedding photography, you need to feel that connection – because you´ll never get a second chance to capture your special day.

No two photographers are the same and my work is distinctive in its creative, documentary approach. Take a look at my portfolio (with nearly 13 years experience there is plenty to choose from) and see if my images are how you see your memories looking in years to come.

You probably already know what wedding dress you want, colours, guests and venue, so it shouldn´t be difficult to find the perfect photographer either. You´ll just know, just like you did with all the other important decisions in your life.


Jeremy CV

Photographic Experience

  • Studio Assistant, Norwich Norfolk
  • Studio Assistant, assignment photographer, Photo-center, Sultanate of Oman
  • Photo-Manager, Princess Cruises
  • Digital Technology Manager, Princess Cruises
  • Jeremy Standley Photography (2005)


  • Mountain biking (Strava)
  • Stand up Paddle (SUP)
  • Norwich City football club
  • Sport 
  • Beach
  • Travel 
  • The Great Outdoors

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