Back in late December it was time for my third UK wedding of the year. Snow, travel and Luton airport are never things you want to hear in the same sentence but with only a 7 hour delay I finally made it to the UK.

I actually met Alex several years ago when she was a bridesmaid at Katy and Stu’s wedding in Tikitano and jumped at the opportunity to document her day with Steve, family and friends at the really stunning Brocket Hall.

After all of the prep we headed to Alex’s local church for a lovely ceremony and I even managed to negotiate “Stand at the back and take very few pictures” to ” I have come a long way and would like to take a few more”.

Brocket Hall  is a real gem of a venue and the absolute perfect setting for a wintery wedding, after drinks by the open fire in the drawing room everyone was treated to the amazing culinary delights and service it has to offer. By the time I left I think everyone was just getting warmed up on the dance floor and I gather everyone partied long and hard into the morning?

Huge thanks to everyone, it was so nice to see so many familiar faces and be made to feel so welcome. Big thanks to Katy & Stu and the twins for accommodating me and the homeward journey went with out a hitch ( just about ).

Really hope you enjoy the images and thanks again for inviting me over.

To view the Slideshow please click HERE.



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