Well what can I say about this wedding other than I hope the images speak for themselves but it must rank amongst one of my favourite weddings for many reasons. Alid and Vip are a charming couple who reside in Singapore and who extensively travel the world with work. I have been fortunate enough to document several other photographers weddings in the past and shooting for another photographer is always a great privilege, Vip is serioulsy talented photographer himself so please take a second to check out his website hopefully he will be sharing some of his work from their epic honeymoon to the Galapagos and South America, 5 countries, 10 cities, 16 flights or something like that.

If you have never been to Mallorca then my advise would be to go! it is simply one of the most breathtalking islands anywhere in the world and Alid and Vip found an amazing venue hidden away near Soller Cas’Hereu a mixture of traditional architecture and stunning interior design.

The events started on the Wednesday with dinner at Ben’s Davall which offers breathtaking views of the med. The wedding itself had a little bit of everything a mixture of Sri Lankan culture and I think you get a pretty idea of the emotion when the minister starts to shed a tear half way through the ceremony. I must mention a couple real stars of the show and those are Alid’s grandmothers, her grandparents were the very first German tourists to ever arrive in Mallorca on an old propeller plane in the 50’s and whilst her grandfather could not be there to share this special day it was amazing to have these two wonderful ladies present for the wedding and I think everytime I see images of them I have to reach for the tissues.

After the ceremony everyone relaxed and enjoyed cocktails and took lots of pictures!, photographers do tend to have lots of photographer friends, I don’t think I have ever seen so many cameras at a wedding although I think Sharmi had enough equipment to cover most things. The speeches that followed I will never forget, the emotion really was something else, the people, the setting, it all really was something to be cherished.

Well enough from me and just time to say an enormous thanks to Alid and Vip and their family and friends for such an incredible 2 day wedding one I will never forget. If you have a few minutes I would really encourage you to take a peek at the 2 day wedding slideshow . Last but not least it was fantastic to meet up with Lourdes and Gabina from M-Moments weddings these ladies are amazing at what they do, thanks ladies.

J x


Dear Jeremy, it was our pleasure to work again with you and we hope to work again shortly 🙂
Your photos are fantastic, thanks for sharing.
Best regards from Mallorca.

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