Amanda and Diego got in touch a long time back and I have been looking forward to it for ages. The word “castle” when it comes to weddings can be a little misleading but no doubting this 11th century castle near Salamanca was absolutely all castle, even with a moat!!

I was fortunate to have Dee along to help out and the 2 days we spent with Amanda and Diego and their family and friends will certainly be one we will cherish, we met so many great people, I can honestly say meeting Uncle Tom who sailed the Atlantic with Keith is not something many wedding guests can testify to. And your absolutely right Tom “you don’t find many of these in San Diego”!

The Friday evening party was held on the castle walls and then everyone moved down to the English pub! ( I kid you not, the perfect castle? ) for some dancing till the early hours.

Saturday started with rumbles of thunder and torrential rain but by the time the ceremony came round the cloud had cleared right on cue. The ceremony on the castle walls, Amanda’s veil ending up in the moat, dinner in the courtyard, all great memories and followed by very entertaining dancing and singing ( Viva la France ) . I really hope the images give you an idea of how lucky we were to share such a great wedding.

A big thanks to the team at Castillo de Buen Amor. If you would like ot take a peek at the slideshow then just click HERE.

Jeremy + Dee x

Salamanca_Wedding_Photographer001 Salamanca_Wedding_Photographer002 Salamanca_Wedding_Photographer003 Salamanca_Wedding_Photographer004 Salamanca_Wedding_Photographer005 Salamanca_Wedding_Photographer006 Salamanca_Wedding_Photographer007 Salamanca_Wedding_Photographer008 Salamanca_Wedding_Photographer009 Salamanca_Wedding_Photographer010 Salamanca_Wedding_Photographer011 Salamanca_Wedding_Photographer012 Salamanca_Wedding_Photographer013 Salamanca_Wedding_Photographer014 Salamanca_Wedding_Photographer015 Salamanca_Wedding_Photographer016 Salamanca_Wedding_Photographer017 Salamanca_Wedding_Photographer018 Salamanca_Wedding_Photographer019 Salamanca_Wedding_Photographer020 Salamanca_Wedding_Photographer021 Salamanca_Wedding_Photographer022 Salamanca_Wedding_Photographer023 Salamanca_Wedding_Photographer024 Salamanca_Wedding_Photographer025 Salamanca_Wedding_Photographer026 Salamanca_Wedding_Photographer027 Salamanca_Wedding_Photographer028 Salamanca_Wedding_Photographer029 Salamanca_Wedding_Photographer030 Salamanca_Wedding_Photographer031 Salamanca_Wedding_Photographer032 Salamanca_Wedding_Photographer033 Salamanca_Wedding_Photographer034 Salamanca_Wedding_Photographer035 Salamanca_Wedding_Photographer036 Salamanca_Wedding_Photographer037 Salamanca_Wedding_Photographer038 Salamanca_Wedding_Photographer039 Salamanca_Wedding_Photographer040 Salamanca_Wedding_Photographer041 Salamanca_Wedding_Photographer042 Salamanca_Wedding_Photographer043 Salamanca_Wedding_Photographer044 Salamanca_Wedding_Photographer045