“Cool” is the first word that springs to mind when I think about this wedding, Mark and Carola are exactly that. Cool people need a cool venue and Casa de los Bates certainly ticks all of those boxes and the variety it offers from the secret garden for the ceremony to dining under the stars by the house are all what make is one of my favourite Spanish wedding venues. The prep all took place in the house and the lovely Georgina was there to do her thing with Carola and her lovely bridesmaids. The ceremony took place in the “Secret Garden” a really unique spot for any ceremony and a lovely service  from Paul Gill.

The epic steps leading back up to the gardens are the perfect way to work off what you can before the lovely canapés and cocktails served in the gardens. Speeches were followed by a feast under the stars. Before the party really started with Dj Tristan it was one more trip down the steps before some very interesting shoe dancing? a hilarious German custom that I hope catches on!

I hope you enjoy a few of my favourites below and all the other images and very excited to start designing your epic album.


Big Thanks to!


Planner:  Moira

Makeup: Georgina

Ceremony: Paul Gill

Cakes: Deborah Sheridan

DJ: Dj Tristan


Casa_de_los_Bates_Wedding_Photographer01 Casa_de_los_Bates_Wedding_Photographer02 Casa_de_los_Bates_Wedding_Photographer03 Casa_de_los_Bates_Wedding_Photographer04 Casa_de_los_Bates_Wedding_Photographer05 Casa_de_los_Bates_Wedding_Photographer06 Casa_de_los_Bates_Wedding_Photographer07 Casa_de_los_Bates_Wedding_Photographer08 Casa_de_los_Bates_Wedding_Photographer09 Casa_de_los_Bates_Wedding_Photographer10 Casa_de_los_Bates_Wedding_Photographer11 Casa_de_los_Bates_Wedding_Photographer12 Casa_de_los_Bates_Wedding_Photographer13 Casa_de_los_Bates_Wedding_Photographer14 Casa_de_los_Bates_Wedding_Photographer15 Casa_de_los_Bates_Wedding_Photographer16 Casa_de_los_Bates_Wedding_Photographer17 Casa_de_los_Bates_Wedding_Photographer18 Casa_de_los_Bates_Wedding_Photographer19 Casa_de_los_Bates_Wedding_Photographer20 Casa_de_los_Bates_Wedding_Photographer21 Casa_de_los_Bates_Wedding_Photographer22 Casa_de_los_Bates_Wedding_Photographer23 Casa_de_los_Bates_Wedding_Photographer24 Casa_de_los_Bates_Wedding_Photographer25 Casa_de_los_Bates_Wedding_Photographer26 Casa_de_los_Bates_Wedding_Photographer27 Casa_de_los_Bates_Wedding_Photographer28

One From the lovely Ruth! Casa_de_los_Bates_Wedding_Photographer29 Casa_de_los_Bates_Wedding_Photographer30 Casa_de_los_Bates_Wedding_Photographer31 Casa_de_los_Bates_Wedding_Photographer32 Casa_de_los_Bates_Wedding_Photographer33 Casa_de_los_Bates_Wedding_Photographer34 Casa_de_los_Bates_Wedding_Photographer35 Casa_de_los_Bates_Wedding_Photographer36 Casa_de_los_Bates_Wedding_Photographer37 Casa_de_los_Bates_Wedding_Photographer38 Casa_de_los_Bates_Wedding_Photographer39 Casa_de_los_Bates_Wedding_Photographer40 Casa_de_los_Bates_Wedding_Photographer41


D4 by any chance? I love them dude.

Beautiful storytelling and really lovely processing, well done!

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