I was mildly disappointed that the lawn at Hacienda san Jose had not been transformed to a nice batting track, it seemed appropriate, I mean how many American girls meet South African guys at the cricket club in Belgium that result in a wedding in Spain?

April is such a beautiful month. Everything is green, the weather cool and we were blessed with glorious sunshine for the day. This was actually my first wedding of this season and it was great to be around so many professional and familiar faces.

The bridal suite was the perfect relaxed place for all the beautification. Meanwhile the boys opened beers, played with their leathermans and tried to remember how to tie a tie.

Padre Peter conducted a lovely ceremony on the lawn before guests were treated to canapés and cocktails in the Andalusian sunshine. Dinner and some very amusing speeches were followed by: dancing, free bar, more not so good dancing, more free bar….

People always make a wedding and this was no exception, when I leave with gleaming smile I know it has been a good day. Hope you enjoy a few of my favourites and the full galleries.

Great working with you all, and thanks for your hospitality.


Many thanks to:

Lorraine, Princess bride

Scott, Sunshine Weddings

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