Well it seems like an eternity ago but back in June during a pretty insane few days to and from Barcelona via Mallorca I was really thrilled to be back in Mallorca for the wedding of Christina and Adam. Based on my previous trips to this stunning island it would be fair to say that Mallorca and Germany seem to share a strong bond and non stronger than Christina and Adam. Christina being from Germany and Adam from Barcelona and they now live in Geneva. So as for languages on the day it was an interesting mix of Catalan, German, English, Castellano and Mallorqui, bust rest assured everyone got on famously.

Like so many of my clients most of the pre wedding is dealt with via, email, and skype so it was great to get to Palma and join them for a few hours of welcome cocktails the evening prior to the wedding. The following day it was off to one of the many stunning rural hotels in Mallorca for all the preparation. Events got off to a slightly amusing start as Christina’s father mistook me for a guest taking a few images of  his speech and thankfully decided not to throw me out by my ear. The preparation had lots of lovely litle quirks including the amazing creations of Christina and Adam made entirely from 50e notes! kind of origami but a more frustrating version I would imagine, especially when you have not cash handy. The Catalan tradition of the best man presenting the bride with a gift and a speech is something I really wish would catch on, it is a great moment and never fails to provide some lovely emotion ( and a new Galaxy Tab ) and having so many close family present from several generations was very special.

After a few hours of preparation and great tunes from Christina’s iPod! it was time to make the journey across the island to the fabulous venue of Finca Son Bosch, I had only seen images prior to arriving and it was indeed an inspiring venue. The ceremony took place in the courtyard covered in vines and had all pretty much everyone with a tear in their eye.

Christina and Adam were not into a formal affair and dinner was in a rustic setting where everyone was served platters of incredible food one really only sees in Mallorca and Barcelona. After some excellent speeches ( my early Fathers speech preview gave me little insight ) it was time for the band and some proper good dancing! Anyone who might have ever made the assumption that our German friends can be quiet at times would be very mistaken, they can seriously party! After the band it was on the move again! to the courtyard for drinks and one of the quirkiest little disco’s your every likely to see.

What a great couple of days! I really hope you enjoyd the images and look forward to desinging your albums, and might see you in Madrid for Jason Mraz!

Big thanks to the very talented team from Moments  and the stunning venue of Finca Son Bosch.




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