A great wedding doesn’t need too much, amazing sunshine, amazing guests, Hacienda San Jose is the perfect wedding, beautiful unique spaces and I never tire of documenting weddings here. The whole day had a wonderful relaxed vibe to it. Andy and Dan got ready at the Hacienda before a really lovely emotive ceremony on the lawn, beautifully conducted by Vicki Rhodes.

Guests were then treated to cocktails and With or without Gin (I think it helps) these guys know how to party!  Guests enjoyed some photobooth antics, the impromptu “lawn moon dancers”, the great tunes, the balmy August evening, the bar, and of course the people, always the most important ingredients for any wedding. It all made for the perfect party!

Thanks guys, for inviting me to document such a “epic” day! Hope you enjoy just a few of may faves, and hope you enjoy the full collection.



Thanks to:

Sunshine Weddings

Hacienda San Jose

Vicki Rhodes

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