Oh, lovely Mallorca and the equally lovely Danielle & Kevin!

Rustic, casual and romantic were the order of the day. And it was certainly all of those and much, much more. (Pretty epic). This was the start of two weddings in one week in Mallorca (and a portrait shoot) and it was one that I was very much looking forward to.

I have documented weddings in Mallorca on several occasions and they all rank very high in favourites! And now another one to add to the list – must be something in the air, the light, or just the general feel? But I do always love shooting on this island.

“The Band”… always good to travel to the venue with the band! Nick and the boys arrived in Palma around the same time as me, on the morning of the wedding, and we were swiftly transported in our X-Factor style black Merc to the jaw-dropping venue of Son Pont (the website doesn’t really do it justice) nestled in a valley in the middle of nowhere. It has real charm.

I had only meet Danielle and Kevin via Skype before and you could instantly tell they were a very laid back and let’s be honest, an extremely good looking and lovely couple.

The villa was a flurry of bridesmaids, children and of course Mum, all bustling around as we arrived. Danielle did her own makeup and looked fabulous.

From there we arrived at the ceremony, held in the castle that is now part of the building of Son Pont. Led by the lovely Glynis German, with stunning views of the Tramuntana Mountains in the background, the ceremony was nothing short of beautiful.

Down by the pool and under the wishing tree, there were cocktails made outside and then a sumptous dinner in the courtyard, with some emotional and at times very humorous speeches.

After dancing to Nick & his fabulous Band, it was time to keep the party going inside. That was more than achieved with glow sticks and a Mallorcan party vibe and a couple more cocktails…..!

Amazing wedding and wonderful people, on a beautiful island.

Thanks guys!


Thanks to the following:

Sont Pont

Glynis German

Retro Sixty

Nick Keen & Band

Decor by Vanda Flowers



Sont_Pont_Mallorca_Wedding01 Sont_Pont_Mallorca_Wedding02 Sont_Pont_Mallorca_Wedding03 Sont_Pont_Mallorca_Wedding04 Sont_Pont_Mallorca_Wedding05 Sont_Pont_Mallorca_Wedding06 Sont_Pont_Mallorca_Wedding07 Sont_Pont_Mallorca_Wedding08 Sont_Pont_Mallorca_Wedding09 Sont_Pont_Mallorca_Wedding10 Sont_Pont_Mallorca_Wedding11 Sont_Pont_Mallorca_Wedding12 Sont_Pont_Mallorca_Wedding13 Sont_Pont_Mallorca_Wedding14 Sont_Pont_Mallorca_Wedding15 Sont_Pont_Mallorca_Wedding16 Sont_Pont_Mallorca_Wedding17 Sont_Pont_Mallorca_Wedding18 Sont_Pont_Mallorca_Wedding19 Sont_Pont_Mallorca_Wedding20 Sont_Pont_Mallorca_Wedding21 Sont_Pont_Mallorca_Wedding22 Sont_Pont_Mallorca_Wedding23 Sont_Pont_Mallorca_Wedding24 Sont_Pont_Mallorca_Wedding25 Sont_Pont_Mallorca_Wedding26 Sont_Pont_Mallorca_Wedding27 Sont_Pont_Mallorca_Wedding28 Sont_Pont_Mallorca_Wedding29 Sont_Pont_Mallorca_Wedding30 Sont_Pont_Mallorca_Wedding31 Sont_Pont_Mallorca_Wedding32 Sont_Pont_Mallorca_Wedding33 Sont_Pont_Mallorca_Wedding34 Sont_Pont_Mallorca_Wedding35 Sont_Pont_Mallorca_Wedding36 Sont_Pont_Mallorca_Wedding37 Sont_Pont_Mallorca_Wedding38 Sont_Pont_Mallorca_Wedding39 Sont_Pont_Mallorca_Wedding40 Sont_Pont_Mallorca_Wedding41


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