I had never been to Compete before the wedding of Ellie + Dan and it’s certainly now a place I will never forget. I was lucky enough to meet Ellie + Dan on a couple of occasions prior to the wedding, but lets face  it when its a wedding you learn to always expect the unexpected.

The drive to Compete is lovely (if you enjoy windy roads with sheer drops) and Jose and I were greeted by the charming staff at the Hotel Balcon in Competa. Ellie´s villa was a short drive away and when I arrived the “prep” was in full swing. The bridesmaids made their way to the church in Competa whilst Ellie her dad and I made our way back to the hotel to be collected by horse and carriage. After I had managed to secure myself in the carriage (I have a bit of history with horses and carriages at weddings) it was off to the church!

The church in Competa is located in the main square which as luck would have it also the venue for a huge fiesta so the look on Ellie´s face as we turned the corner to be greeted by hundreds of well-wishers was priceless.

After a lovely ceremony. Everyone made their way back to the hotel for drinks and the most original “confetti” drop you will ever see! Microlights, yes microlights, really quite a sight.

Dinner was followed by some really heartfelt and amusing speeches before the part continued down by the pool. Ellie + Dan have very talented friends and we were all treated to some great entertainment. A truly “epic” wedding day. Big thanks to everyone at the hotel and Ellie + Dan family and friends who were the nicest wedding guests I have ever had the pleasure of being around.

Hope you enjoy a few favourites of mine and the full gallery!

Best Wishes,