I always love a trip to Granada for a wedding, and it was a great pleasure to be asked to document the destination wedding of Gillian and Barry at the lovely Cortijo Alameda just outside Granada.

After the usual mildly harrowing experience of driving into and parking in Granada, I made my way to the lovely Hotel Garanat where the very talented Ella was busy with all the ladies and their beautification.

Barry and the boys made the short trip into the countryside to greet the guests at Corjito Alameda. The ceremony took place in the courtyard and was conducted by the lovely Angeles Porcel. After a lovely ceremony guests enjoyed cocktails and canapés! whilst relaxing in the evening sunshine. After a lavish dinner in the gardens, it was time for some very amusing speeches before everyone made their way back to the courtyard for some serious partying!

Thanks so much Gillian & Barry, it was a real treat documenting your day, thanks for the lovely hospitality. Really hope you enjoy the galleries and I am really looking forward to designing a stunning album for you.

A big thanks to the following:

Ella Megan  Makeup

Angeles Porcel – Minister

Corjito Alameda – Venue

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