October is always a great month for a wedding! The weather is cooler, the light is softer so a Dutch, Chinese wedding in Hacienda de san Rafael is perfect. Vicky & Joep live in London and were joined by close family and friends for a few days of serious wedding celebrations.

I arrived at the Hacienda pretty early for the first part of the celebrations which was the traditional tea ceremony and then the not so traditional ceremony which mainly involved Jeop and groomsmen drinking weird concoctions, “interesting rapping”, and then the most amusing test of a blindfold and then see if you can identify you wife to be….he failed miserable.

After a break for a few hours it was time for the wedding preparation followed by a lovely ceremony in the courtyard conducted beautifully by Vicky’s uncle. After the ceremony guests enjoyed drinks and cocktails by the pool. As twilight began guests were wined and dined under the stars before some great speeches.

Despite a small technical hitch (swiftly fixed) the party was pretty wild! with some very creative dance moves! Thanks for a great day guys and really hope you enjoy a few of my favourites and all the other images.




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