It is always nice to meet couples prior to the wedding and having the chance to meet Jamie and Debra on a couple of occasions always makes the wedding day that little bit special. Jamie and Debra are both from Ireland but now live in the middle east and were certainly very much at home in the summer heat of southern Spain (Good job really).

The wedding took place in the lovely Hacienda San Jose in Mijas with an early afterrnoon ceremony in Marbella before traveliing back to Mijas for the party! and Ruth and I were there to document ever minute of it.

The nearest we came to any drama was when we discovered that Jamie and Debra’s lavish middle eastern lifestlye meant the bottled water had its own chauffeur! albeit nearly at the expense of the bridal party. After a couple of swift phone calls the bridal car and the VIP water made it way back to collect everyone!! and we all arrived in plenty of time. After a HOT ceremony it was time for some refreshments outside the church before all heading back to the Hacienda for cocktails on the lawn.

Live music, great speeches, whisky & cigar bar, photo-booth, amazing food and cake where all on the agenda and all made for a perfect day for Jamie and Debra! all wonderfully hosted under the watchfull eye of the uber effeicent Fiesta Sol team and Carla.

All in all a perfect day. So great to meet you both and can’t wait to put together your beautiful wedding album.

Hope you enjoy a few of mine and Ruth favourite images from the day.



Fiesta Sol

Kathryn Parr

Sweet things by Fi

Flowers Inc

Virginia Florista


Wedding_Photography_Hacienda_San_Jose01-2 Wedding_Photography_Hacienda_San_Jose02-2 Wedding_Photography_Hacienda_San_Jose03-2 Wedding_Photography_Hacienda_San_Jose04-2 Wedding_Photography_Hacienda_San_Jose05-2 Wedding_Photography_Hacienda_San_Jose06-2 Wedding_Photography_Hacienda_San_Jose07-2 Wedding_Photography_Hacienda_San_Jose08-2 Wedding_Photography_Hacienda_San_Jose09-2 Wedding_Photography_Hacienda_San_Jose10-2 Wedding_Photography_Hacienda_San_Jose11-2 Wedding_Photography_Hacienda_San_Jose12-2 Wedding_Photography_Hacienda_San_Jose13-2 Wedding_Photography_Hacienda_San_Jose14-2 Wedding_Photography_Hacienda_San_Jose15-2 Wedding_Photography_Hacienda_San_Jose16-2 Wedding_Photography_Hacienda_San_Jose17-2 Wedding_Photography_Hacienda_San_Jose18-2 Wedding_Photography_Hacienda_San_Jose19-2 Wedding_Photography_Hacienda_San_Jose20-2 Wedding_Photography_Hacienda_San_Jose21-2 Wedding_Photography_Hacienda_San_Jose22-2 Wedding_Photography_Hacienda_San_Jose23-2 Wedding_Photography_Hacienda_San_Jose24-2 Wedding_Photography_Hacienda_San_Jose25-2 Wedding_Photography_Hacienda_San_Jose26-2 Wedding_Photography_Hacienda_San_Jose27-2 Wedding_Photography_Hacienda_San_Jose28-2 Wedding_Photography_Hacienda_San_Jose29-2 Wedding_Photography_Hacienda_San_Jose30-2 Wedding_Photography_Hacienda_San_Jose31-2 Wedding_Photography_Hacienda_San_Jose32-2




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