Well were did it all begin? Way back in May 2011 Stephen and Jasmine got in touch about their wedding at La Baronia. Of course certain venues really do make your ears prick up and this is certainly one them, I was there a few years ago and it was certainly a venue I was keen to work at again.

After lots of emailing, phone calls and some skyping myself and the photobooth were on the way to La Baronia at the end of July ( ably assisted by Richard Hadley ) and very excited about the day ahead. After some unscheduled sightseeing around Barcelona we made it to La Baronia really early to set up the photobooth and let the day unfold.

All the prep took place in the amazing master suite with incredible views out over the Catalan countryside. The end of July in Barcelona can be fiercely hot so we were also blessed with some light cloud covering to help keep us all cool. After a lovely ceremony at the front of the house it was down to the terrace to sample come Catalan culinary delights.

Now like most documentary photographers you tend to thrive on action and emotion throughout the day but I don’t think anyone had banked on the venue very nearly burning to the ground, anyone who lives in Spain is acutely aware of the danger of fire and thanks to a very quick thinking member of staff the only damage caused was the loss of some curtains ( very big and very old curtains at that ) , whilst this unfolded and the seating was rearranged to another equally impressive room, Jasmine and Stephen and most of the guests were blissfully unaware, if credit should ever go to a venue then it is this one, managing to avert what could have been a chatastrophe whilst everyone else was blisfully unaware was aquite a feat.

After a small delay caused by the above: dinner and speeches proceeded with the only drama on this occasion being tears from heartfelt speeches from friends and family. The photo-booth was a BIG hit and combined with some serious dancing talent the party went long into the night and then onto Barcelona, unfortunatley I had a flight to catch the very next morning but I can be pretty certain they partied till sunrise.

A huge thanks to everyone at La Baronia and to Richard for his help and to Jasmine and Stephen for being such amazing hosts and their very cool family and friends. If you would like to view the highlight slideshow from the wedding then please click here, this will worklin ipad and iphone and all other devices. The Slideshow.



Wonderful and romantic setting captured with beautiful, vibrant photography. It did sound a bit dangerous with the curtain fire though… in Essex UK it rarely gets so hot… so one less thing to worry about perhaps!

Dianne MacDougall Quan

Hi Jeremy
I work with Mark O’Louchlin who shared his wedding Pics with us at work…
and I just had to say I have never ever seen such spectacular wedding work! WOW!
blown away!