Jeany and Marco contacted me not long before the wedding and was thrilled when they asked me to document their wedding day at the stunning venue of La Bobadilla. Jeany and Marco are regular visitors to this part of the world and La Bobadilla felt like a home away from home and is set in amazing landscapes near Granada. All of the preparation took place in the lavish La Bobadilla spa before the very short walk to the beautiful chapel on the grounds of the hotel. After a lovely ceremony it was time for everyone to enjoy champagne and cocktails in the beautiful May sunshine accompanied by beautiful music from Naira.

Just a short walk from the chapel and gardens is the El Corjito restaurant where guests were treated to culinary delights and fine wines and all guests making regular visits to the dance floor throughout the evening. After some heartwarming and amusing speeches along with an a very interesting solo guitar show from Marco’s brother it was time for the cutting of the enormous cake! and then of course time to really get the party started.

Such a great pleasure working with and meeting you both and really hope you enjoy your images.


Thanks to:

La Bobadilla, Loja.

Naiara classical violin


Wedding_Photography_La_Bobadilla_Loja001 Wedding_Photography_La_Bobadilla_Loja002 Wedding_Photography_La_Bobadilla_Loja003 Wedding_Photography_La_Bobadilla_Loja004 Wedding_Photography_La_Bobadilla_Loja005 Wedding_Photography_La_Bobadilla_Loja006 Wedding_Photography_La_Bobadilla_Loja007 Wedding_Photography_La_Bobadilla_Loja008 Wedding_Photography_La_Bobadilla_Loja009 Wedding_Photography_La_Bobadilla_Loja010 Wedding_Photography_La_Bobadilla_Loja011 Wedding_Photography_La_Bobadilla_Loja012 Wedding_Photography_La_Bobadilla_Loja013 Wedding_Photography_La_Bobadilla_Loja014 Wedding_Photography_La_Bobadilla_Loja015 Wedding_Photography_La_Bobadilla_Loja016 Wedding_Photography_La_Bobadilla_Loja017 Wedding_Photography_La_Bobadilla_Loja018 Wedding_Photography_La_Bobadilla_Loja019 Wedding_Photography_La_Bobadilla_Loja020 Wedding_Photography_La_Bobadilla_Loja021 Wedding_Photography_La_Bobadilla_Loja022 Wedding_Photography_La_Bobadilla_Loja023 Wedding_Photography_La_Bobadilla_Loja024 Wedding_Photography_La_Bobadilla_Loja025 Wedding_Photography_La_Bobadilla_Loja026 Wedding_Photography_La_Bobadilla_Loja027 Wedding_Photography_La_Bobadilla_Loja028 Wedding_Photography_La_Bobadilla_Loja029 Wedding_Photography_La_Bobadilla_Loja030 Wedding_Photography_La_Bobadilla_Loja031 Wedding_Photography_La_Bobadilla_Loja033 Wedding_Photography_La_Bobadilla_Loja034 Wedding_Photography_La_Bobadilla_Loja035 Wedding_Photography_La_Bobadilla_Loja036

Wedding_Photography_La_Bobadilla_Loja032 Wedding_Photography_La_Bobadilla_Loja037



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