Windy windy roads and breathtaking views go for miles and miles as you make your way to Alhama de Granda from Malaga into the province of Granada. Israel is originally from Barcelona and now lives in Arizona with Jessica so spectacular landscapes are never far from view.

Israel’s charming parents own a beautiful hone with incredible views (below) and this is where Jessica and her parents enjoyed the calm atmosphere and got ready for the big day ahead. The church is only a 10 minute drive and whilst Orphee and the boys made their way to the church we made our way in the open top VW!

After a lovely ceremony we went on a bit of a magical mystery tour of the surrounding areas of Alhama stopping at various points along the way, as we made our way back to the venue we saw a beautiful rainbow and literally had to jump from the car to get a few images before it faded.

The guests waited at the venue and were treated to some traditional Andalusian fayre and after a wild cake cutting! it was time for the music to begin at the party to begin. Thanks so much the amazing day and hope you enjoy a few favourites.


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Absolutely the most beautiful wedding pictures I’ve ever seen. Jessica, your dress was absolutely gorgeous! The family looks amazing and very happy. I wish you both all the best and many years of blessed time together.

Many thanks Ann.

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