“Can you come to Madrid, wander around and take photos of me and my beautiful my wife in a Black Vera Wang dress?” YES! and that was pretty much how it began. Jess and Jo and they´re equally cool friends Holly and Mitch were on a tour of Spain and what better place than Madrid for an impromptu ceremony/renewal of vows/blessing.

The plan for the day was the best type of plan, there was no plan. That´s not entirely true, we had a very big Mercedes and a few spots around Madrid to capture some wedding images in this amazing Black Vera Wang wedding dress. The five of us set off for an adventure around Madrid. The best part of the “no plan, plan” is you can´t really be late for anything. This is just as well really as the most beautiful black Vera Wang wedding dress came with what can best be described as a dodgy zip, it even comes with a waiver telling you it has a dodgy zip! 1 hour and 45 minutes later (imagine a 200 guest wedding), with the help of several cell phone flashlights, a little lady on you-tube, some nimble fingered engineering, we were finally on our way sticking firmly to the “no  plan, plan”.

Our very accomplished chauffeur/minister/best-man Mitch did a great job getting us all around Madrid. We stopped off at the Botanical Gardens, Campo del Moro, the Palacio de Cristal, finishing up at the Temple of Debod for our lavish ceremony.

We wandered out later in the evening into the crazy Madrid streets for a few more images before wandering back to the hotel.

Certainly not a non wedding wedding I will forget in a hurry! An epic day out for sure…………

Hope you enjoy just a few of my faves and the slide-show and galleries.



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