Joan + Maurice | Marbella Wedding

The lovely wedding of Joan + Maurice! I met Joan and her sister Paula way back at the end of last year and despite a few changed plans along the way it was a very special day and just my kind of wedding. The prep for the day all took place at the lovely Fuerte hotel in Marbella, only scary moment of the day was when Joan asked for her shoes and I did think for one second I had left them on the window sill and the Jimmy’s might have plummeted 7 stories down! but I had of course just put them in a safe place.

The little chapel at La Virginia is a very unique spot under the shadow of La Concha it always provides a spectacular setting and subtle light. After a lovely ceremony everyone made their way to the cocktail reception in La Virginia.

After a few light refreshments and Spanish guitar it was time for a change of scenery, from cobbled back streets of Marbella to the hot sand of the beach! The beach restaurant at El Fuerte is a little hidden gem right on the beach and a great spot if you really want to be on the beach and don’t have a huge number of guests.

After a few Mojitos on the deck it was time to head in for a lovely informal dinner, a few speeches and some dancing from the “Muckross girls” it was time to call it a night! Thanks for a great day guys and really hope you enjoy a few of my faves and the rest of the images.

Big thanks to:

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