One to remember……Why? The stunning Bride? the handsome Groom? breathtaking venue? lovely guests? or the Horse & Cart I came very close to falling out of? well all of them of course but I will approach photography from horse drawn carts with a lot more caution in the future.

So the lovely Kerrie & Carlos. The little church in Frigiliana is a gem and to then follow onto Corjito Bravo makes the perfect recipe for a stunning wedding. They were joined by friends from far and wide and after the usual action packed preparation with babies and dogs!  it was time to head of to the church. It can sometimes be tricky to travel with the bride on the way to the wedding but it always makes for great images and the horse and cart was to good to turn down! ( despite nearly falling out it is a great way to arrive and depart. )

After a lovely ceremony it was time for drinks in the lovely square opposite the church. Time for one more close encounter with a horse ( see below image ) and everyone made their way back to Corjito Bravo hotel.

Cocktails and canapés were followed by a set of great speeches, mouthwatering food and some great traditional Irish music. What a day! Thanks so much for being such great hosts.

Thanks to:

Jenny the Spanish wedding planner

Jennifer Jane Photography

Cortijo Bravo




Corjito_Bravo_Weddings01 Corjito_Bravo_Weddings02 Corjito_Bravo_Weddings03 Corjito_Bravo_Weddings04 Corjito_Bravo_Weddings05 Corjito_Bravo_Weddings06 Corjito_Bravo_Weddings07 Corjito_Bravo_Weddings08 Corjito_Bravo_Weddings09 Corjito_Bravo_Weddings10 Corjito_Bravo_Weddings11 Corjito_Bravo_Weddings12 Corjito_Bravo_Weddings13 Corjito_Bravo_Weddings14

Great shot Jen!Corjito_Bravo_Weddings15 Corjito_Bravo_Weddings16 Corjito_Bravo_Weddings17 Corjito_Bravo_Weddings18 Corjito_Bravo_Weddings19 Corjito_Bravo_Weddings20 Corjito_Bravo_Weddings21 Corjito_Bravo_Weddings22 Corjito_Bravo_Weddings23 Corjito_Bravo_Weddings24 Corjito_Bravo_Weddings25 Corjito_Bravo_Weddings26 Corjito_Bravo_Weddings27 Corjito_Bravo_Weddings28 Corjito_Bravo_Weddings29 Corjito_Bravo_Weddings30 Corjito_Bravo_Weddings31 Corjito_Bravo_Weddings32 Corjito_Bravo_Weddings33 Corjito_Bravo_Weddings34 Corjito_Bravo_Weddings35 Corjito_Bravo_Weddings36 Corjito_Bravo_Weddings37 Corjito_Bravo_Weddings38 Corjito_Bravo_Weddings39 Corjito_Bravo_Weddings40 Corjito_Bravo_Weddings41 Corjito_Bravo_Weddings42 Corjito_Bravo_Weddings43 Corjito_Bravo_Weddings44 Corjito_Bravo_Weddings45 Corjito_Bravo_Weddings46 Corjito_Bravo_Weddings47 Corjito_Bravo_Weddings48 Corjito_Bravo_Weddings49 Corjito_Bravo_Weddings50


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