Well I doubt there is much more we can say about this amazing wedding that has not already been said, I always ask brides to describe the wedding in 3 words prior to the wedding and Romantic, Fun and Memorable was absolutely spot on! . Laila became a friend on FB not long after hiring me to document her day and has been “liking” images ever since. There is always a little bit more pressure when you know your client knows your work almost as well as you do! even here bouquet was called the “Leilani” from a few years ago.

The adventure began a few days earlier with a fantastic Pre wedding shoot  in the grounds of Alhmabra, it doesn’t get much better than that for a starting point. A couple of days later it was time for the BIG DAY! It always makes a big difference when you are working with familiar faces and it was great to see so many! starting with Kathryn working her wonders with the hair and makeup.

I had not been to the Hotel Vinuela for several years and it was just as beautiful as ever ( although ditching the fence for a wooden one would be a great idea ). Padre Peter conducted the ceremony which always guarantees plenty of emotion throughout the ceremony.

After the beautiful butterfly release it was time for cocktails on the lawn, a few portraits and then time for the wedding banquet. Laila’s wedding was not huge but an intimate affair although judging by the about of photo booth images they took you would have thought there were 500 guests! Anyone who has not seen the epic Photobooth session then you can view them HERE.

So what next? A stunning cake and sky lanterns of course! I have seen lantern at many weddings and big thanks to Carla for her awesome timing as the lanterns were released at dusk which really helps with the images! after that it was back inside for Dj Rob to rock the house until the wee hours.

Well what can I say? Fortunately we still have the album to design so I will get to look at these images for a just a little bit longer. Lots of thanks-you’s on this one and this wedding would quite simply not have been this awesome with out all of these people.

Kathryn Parr

Reviva Chicks

Dj Rob

La Vinuela Hotel



It sure was an awesome wedding! And I’m afraid I will keep on liking those pictures on facebook as long as you keep posting such awesome pictures… Your fault! 🙂
The wedding was really beautiful, from start to end, a memorable day which crosses our minds at least once a day 🙂 Everything was perfect thanks to our perfect super wedding team!!!
And I couldn’t have wished for better pictures. I’m still amazed when I look at them. Is that really us? Coz that seems like a picture torn right out of a magazine!!! And exactly, thank god we still have an album to design, and lots of wall space to go through the pictures over and over again trying to choose which one to hang where in the house.
Thanks again for everything, and I’m sure that we’ll meet again, maybe with our kids, maybe for a renewal? Who knows! But I’m sure we will meet again! xxx

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