Probably the worst place to visit at any airport is the “lost luggage” counter, I have lost count of how many times I have flown to weddings and touch wood this was the first time my luggage had decided to stay on in Malaga a little longer. After some polite pleading and pointing out on more than one occasion I was getting married the next day ( I wasn´t ) I was promised my luggage would be with me the following morning, after a sleepless night imagining myself documenting the wedding in flip-flops and shorts I was met the following morning by the little man with my bag.

Having met Lel prior to the wedding a few weeks early and seen her mood boards ( brides this is a good thing ) I was very excited about this wedding, working for clients who work in creative industry´s is always a treat. You can check out Lel’s very cool Blog.

A bit about Lel and Edu: Demelza or Lel is originally from Tasmania ( think devils ) and Eduardo from Barcelona, they now both live and work in Amsterdam in the marketing world ( I can´t stop thinking about Mad Men whenever I look at this wedding ) . Hotel Mon is a stunning modern hotel in the grounds of the Monastery of Mon St Benet and well worth a visit if your ever in that part of the world, if your a foodie then do go.

I was lucky to be joined on the day by the very talented Gabby from En route who joined the boys for the prep at the family home in Barcelona and shot some great images throughout the day. The girls prep was all taking place at the hotel. The thing I truly love about my job is that no matter how many weddings you document you always see something new. On this occasion it was the horizontal make-up technique! think massage table face up as opposed to the old fashioned and much easier to photograph chair routine, really hope that doesn´t catch on, but despite the new funky technique Lel´s hair and makeup looked stunning and perfect for the gorgeous dress, another lasting memory will be Lel twirling her dress at any possible opportunity!

After a lovely ceremony outside the monastery it was time for some of that amazing Catalan cuisine in the gardens decorated by none other than bride and dad the morning of the wedding!, you can always tell when your at a wedding in Catalonia as more often than not the food and drinks will have nitrogen or something similar steaming from it and food from anywhere else is never really as good. Dinner was equally spectacular in the very modern restaurant with some really lovely emotive speeches. Getting back to the always something new at a wedding I had never seen a Mime introduce a cake, talk about speechless! This was not I must point out organized by Lel.

After dinner it was time for the dancing to commence and friends of Edu provided great music and equally great outfits! One the way back to the hotel I also managed to catch a glimpse of an amazing lighting display over Barcelona the perfect end to a perfect wedding ( Minus the bag thing )

Such a pleasure working with you guys and really hope you enjoy a few of my faves.




Jeremy! A huge thank you from Edu and I. We and all our friends and family just love all the photos – they capture the day perfectly and we’ve relived the moment over and over 🙂 Lovely to have such interesting images, and such a professional team. I highly recommend Jeremy and Gabby.

Some lovely documentary photography here, good work Jeremy

All great images, the garter photo is genius in particular!

It was such a pleasure to be working with you on this wedding Jeremy! You are a true inspiration! These images are STUNNNNNNING!!!!!