I hadn’t been out to the beautiful Lake Vinuela Hotel for a coupe of years so it was great to get back out there from the beautiful wedding of Macy + Nathan, a great couple from the USA who now live in Germany. Hotel Lake Vinuela is a beautiful spot for a wedding, the stunning views over the lake and mountains are really quite breathtaking.

After all the normal organised chaos of the preparations it was time for the ceremony. The Gazebo on the lawn was the perfect spot for Macy and Nathans  intimate wedding ceremony. After the ceremony guests enjoyed canapés and cocktails and enjoyed the beautiful views.

The Marquee on the lawn overlooking Lake Vinuela meant that dinner and speeches were enjoyed outside before everyone made it inside for the party! A great please documenting your day guys and hope you enjoy a few of my favourites and your full image collection.

All the best,


Big Thanks:

Sunshine Weddings

Princess Bride

DJ Fuller


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