I love documenting weddings that are a little bit different and Marjolin and Caspars wedding adventure in Portugal certainly did not disappoint.

The wedding day was very much an affair for the whole family, and the beautiful setting of Vila Monte on the Algarve was the perfect setting.

I was lucky enough to spend a couple of days in this beautiful part of the world documenting the pre wedding party, and pizza! and wedding the following day. Marjolijn and Caspar did things a little differently on the wedding day, instead of options for the standard evening ceremony, drinks, dinner they opted for what turns out is a great format. 11am ceremony, champagne, lunch, chill out by the pool, evening dinner, speeches and dancing!

Vila Monte, Farm House on the Algarve has fairly recently been renovated and is very much chic boutique, super friendly staff, really amazing food and rooms.

The wedding ceremony took place on the lawn and was followed by drinks before sumptuous lunch with amazing views of the Algarve. A quick change from wedding attire to pool attire and everyone had the chance to relax and unwind before part two.

As the beautiful evening light arrived, Markolijn, Caspar and I dashed off for a few portraits before everyone gathered for a beautiful evening meal and speeches, then of course time to party! Thanks so much for inviting me to document your special day and really hope you enjoy all the images.

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