September 1st, always the start of a very hectic time and absolutely no better place to start than in Granada, for the wedding of Massimo and Flore.

Ruth and I made our way to Granada, complete with PhotoBooth, and as usual I managed to get hopelessly lost and opted for the safe option of car park and taxi! Granada is definitely a city for feet and not four wheels.

I first met Massimo and Flore several months earlier on a dreary morning in a dreary cafe in Malaga airport, so it was great to get round to the big day in the stunning setting of Granada. I am always the one who harps on endlessly about how important light is at a wedding and this is a prime example of when a client and planner get it spot on!

It is also great when all the transport of the day is on foot! From Casa 1800 and the preparation, it was a short stroll to the stunning Santa Ana church. After a lovely ceremony we all made our way over the cobbles (no mean feat in heels, not me, the ladies) to the Palacio de los Cordova with amazing views of the Alhambra.

It is always great when people go to a lot of effort for speeches, including live music and slideshows. Really made the evening that much more entertaining and also means Ruth and I had lots to document. And as if that all wasn’t enough, we were always going to be guaranteed a pretty epic party. We were not disappointed, as everyone partied hard until the very early hours!

A really huge thanks to, RuthTheresa of AWOL Granada, and everyone else for making it such a truly amazing day. Below are a few of mine and Ruth’s favourites.


Wedding_Photoraphers_Granada_Spain01 Wedding_Photoraphers_Granada_Spain02 Wedding_Photoraphers_Granada_Spain03 Wedding_Photoraphers_Granada_Spain04
Wedding_Photoraphers_Granada_Spain07 Wedding_Photoraphers_Granada_Spain08 Wedding_Photoraphers_Granada_Spain09 Wedding_Photoraphers_Granada_Spain10 Wedding_Photoraphers_Granada_Spain11 Wedding_Photoraphers_Granada_Spain12 Wedding_Photoraphers_Granada_Spain13 Wedding_Photoraphers_Granada_Spain14 Wedding_Photoraphers_Granada_Spain15 Wedding_Photoraphers_Granada_Spain16 Wedding_Photoraphers_Granada_Spain17 Wedding_Photoraphers_Granada_Spain18 Wedding_Photoraphers_Granada_Spain19 Wedding_Photoraphers_Granada_Spain20Wedding_Photoraphers_Granada_Spain05
Wedding_Photoraphers_Granada_Spain21 Wedding_Photoraphers_Granada_Spain22 Wedding_Photoraphers_Granada_Spain23 Wedding_Photoraphers_Granada_Spain24Palacio_de_Los_Cordova_Weddings25Palacio_de_Los_Cordova_Weddings26Palacio_de_Los_Cordova_Weddings27Palacio_de_Los_Cordova_Weddings28Palacio_de_Los_Cordova_Weddings29





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