Naomi would be right up  in the “dream” bride category! beautiful, beautiful venue, not too shabby husband to be, and a main requirement of not to many portraits and lots of emotion in her images. Fortunately! Naomi carries the full range of emotions from smile to big smile to even bigger smile, to tears and then back to smile again, and she displayed them all day long!

Naomi and the girls were all pampered in an apartment in Marbella by Kathryn Parr just a short walk away from La Encarnacion in Marbella. After a brief and emotional chat with her sister in NYC via Skype we wandered through Orange square to the ceremony.

Order of the day was a fairly rapid ceremony so it was not long before guests from all over the world were able to enjoy some well earned refreshments in the square and make acquaintances old and new. I have been documenting weddings at Finca La Concepcion for many years and it is one of my most favourite venues, some venues have a special something about them and this is one of those and always great to work here.

Despite the overcast day the Finca looked amazing, beauitfully prepared by the team at Fiesta Sol. The grey skies and spots of rain (I don’t think anyone noticed, in Irish terms it was not really rain) soon vanished and the speeches were fairly epic! I love documenting speeches and find the range of emotions and stories are situations to be cherished and Naomi and Stevo’s speeches did not disappoint.

After some of Fi’s exceedingly good cupcakes it was time to enjoy the evenings entertainment and wander the grounds of the Finca. Thanks so much to you both, so great working with you both and really hope you enjoy all your images.

Thanks to:

Fiesta Sol

Kathryn Parr

Finca La Concepcion

Ian Preston

Sweet Things by Fi


Finca_La_Concepcion_Marbella001 Finca_La_Concepcion_Marbella002 Finca_La_Concepcion_Marbella003 Finca_La_Concepcion_Marbella004 Finca_La_Concepcion_Marbella005 Finca_La_Concepcion_Marbella006 Finca_La_Concepcion_Marbella007 Finca_La_Concepcion_Marbella008 Finca_La_Concepcion_Marbella010 Finca_La_Concepcion_Marbella011 Finca_La_Concepcion_Marbella012 Finca_La_Concepcion_Marbella013 Finca_La_Concepcion_Marbella014 Finca_La_Concepcion_Marbella015

Finca_La_Concepcion_Marbella073 Finca_La_Concepcion_Marbella017 Finca_La_Concepcion_Marbella018 Finca_La_Concepcion_Marbella020 Finca_La_Concepcion_Marbella021 Finca_La_Concepcion_Marbella022 Finca_La_Concepcion_Marbella024 Finca_La_Concepcion_Marbella025 Finca_La_Concepcion_Marbella026 Finca_La_Concepcion_Marbella027 Finca_La_Concepcion_Marbella028 Finca_La_Concepcion_Marbella029 Finca_La_Concepcion_Marbella030 Finca_La_Concepcion_Marbella031 Finca_La_Concepcion_Marbella032 Finca_La_Concepcion_Marbella033 Finca_La_Concepcion_Marbella034 Finca_La_Concepcion_Marbella035 Finca_La_Concepcion_Marbella036 Finca_La_Concepcion_Marbella038Finca_La_Concepcion_Marbella074Finca_La_Concepcion_Marbella075 Finca_La_Concepcion_Marbella041 Finca_La_Concepcion_Marbella042 Finca_La_Concepcion_Marbella043

Finca_La_Concepcion_Marbella076 Finca_La_Concepcion_Marbella046 Finca_La_Concepcion_Marbella047 Finca_La_Concepcion_Marbella048 Finca_La_Concepcion_Marbella049 Finca_La_Concepcion_Marbella050 Finca_La_Concepcion_Marbella051 Finca_La_Concepcion_Marbella052 Finca_La_Concepcion_Marbella053 Finca_La_Concepcion_Marbella054 Finca_La_Concepcion_Marbella055 Finca_La_Concepcion_Marbella056 Finca_La_Concepcion_Marbella057 Finca_La_Concepcion_Marbella058 Finca_La_Concepcion_Marbella059 Finca_La_Concepcion_Marbella077 Finca_La_Concepcion_Marbella061 Finca_La_Concepcion_Marbella062 Finca_La_Concepcion_Marbella064 Finca_La_Concepcion_Marbella065 Finca_La_Concepcion_Marbella066 Finca_La_Concepcion_Marbella067 Finca_La_Concepcion_Marbella078







Hi Jeremy, congratulations! You alwais doing a great job!! I look forward to work with you soon in Marbella. Best Regards