Back at the end of August I had the real pleasure of documenting the wedding of Niamh and Andrew at Corjito Bravo. Very cool couple, beautiful day, friendly guests, and the Reviva chicks to make sure everything looked gorgeous and ran smoothly.

After the preparation, it was time to make the short journey (In the tiny car) to the church in Torremolinos. After a lovely ceremony, it was time to get the guests all aboard the buses to make the journey to Velez Malaga and the lovely Hotel Corjito Bravo.

Niamh and Andrew took a little bit longer to arrive……(See Car)

Guests enjoyed a Photo Booth, cocktails and canapes, and some Spanish guitar before making their way to the beautifully decorated dining area with stunning views into the valley.

After some great speeches, it was time to crank up the music and really get the party started. After Niamh and Andrews  beautiful first dance the more “creative”  dancing started, their friend’s rendition of “Africa” will certainly stay with me a while.

Thanks guys, a real privilege to document your day and hope you enjoy a few of my favorites and the full collection.

All the Best,
Big Thanks:
Reviva Chicks
Alex Harrocks (Hair)
Liza Mayne (Makeup)
The Car
Cortijo Bravo
Anyone I forgot

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