Well it seems like only yesterday ( especially after watching the slideshow ) but back in October I made the trip to Barcelona with Jose for the 2 day wedding of Nicole and Paul. Everything about it was pretty fabulous from the wonderful BIG RED gift packs ( Jose and I looked hilarious walking through Barcelona with those I can tell you ) to the rehearsal dinner at Gaig in Barcelona, a fantastic evening of great food and wonderful speeches. As you would expect the next day was also completely different, family and friends made there way out to a wonderful house outside Barcelona for day to remember. After cocktails in the courtyard it was inside for a candle lit ceremony and then a sumptuous dinner in the stables. Every destination wedding is that little bit extra special as I get a chance to get to know some of the guests and family and friends, a big thanks to everyone for making me feel so welcome, a big thanks to Tom Soluri Nicole´s stylist and wedding guru and also Clare and her team for making such a wonderful 2 days. I really can´t tell you all how much fun it was and hope you enjoy a few of my favorites and if you have 5 minutes and 12 seconds spare then turn up the speakers and take a peek at the slideshow Click Here

Jeremy x


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