Sat here looking at the rain tap against the window September seems a very long time ago. May and September are very much my favourite wedding months, the sun is that bit lower, the balmy summer temperatures are starting to drop and the light that little bit nicer.

I met Noelle and Johnny way way back at Malaga airport of all places and I think they were my first clients to book me for 2012 so it was a long wait till the big day.

Ruth and I made the way up to the Balcon hotel in Nerja to start the prep with a very chilled Noelle! must have been that crystal hanging from the mirror. The great thing about marrying in Nerja is the fact you won´t see a car, the church is a 2 minute walk and the bar another 2 minute walk afterwards ( or even closer ) not to mention the stunning setting of the Balcon de Europa point and church and if you ever wanted an exlectic mix of onlookers then this is the place.

After a lovely ceremony it was back to the Balcon for cocktails and canapés before making the way down to the beach!! I had never worked at the Balcon de Europa before and as you know a new venue is a something I really enjoy. I was also looking forward to the egg and chips vendors meal which Ian Preston sold to me very well indeed.

The beachside area at the Balcon provides a stunning backdrop, hearing the waves crashing against the shore whilst dining under  the stars is a real treat. After the speeches it was time for some impromptu dance offs, giant sparklers, banjos players and that was before the party really started!

All in all a perfect day! Must say a huge thanks to Ian and Sonya. I had never worked with Sonya who is widely regarded as very much the Nerja expert! and was a joy to work with so professional and accommodating. Adding Ian Preston into the mix always makes sure for very happy guests and he was right about those egg and chips, awesome!

Huge thanks to the following for making such a great day happen.


Ian Preston

Balcon de Europa


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