I don’t want to over use the term “Epic” but this 3 day wedding in Barcelona was exactly that. Josefin + Paulo live in London and were joined by guests from all the world for the week long wedding adventure.

Veronica Hansen was king enough to document the family wine tour earlier in the week before I flew up from Malaga to document the cocktail party and Martinez and of course the wedding day.


Glamorous guests, cool tunes and a stunning setting, not to mention the largest gin and tonics your ever likely to see!


Bell Reco is about a 30 minute drive from Barcelona and this really is one of the most breathtaking venues I know. Josefin was lucky enough to get ready in the main house which was great! not having to worry and stress about travelling is always a bonus. A few close friends and family were on hand to help with the pampering.


You’ll notice an image of a gentleman dancing (on his back)  later in the day, this is Josefin’s jeweller, this is his work.


More preparations as the day takes shape.


Peering down on all the preparations from Bell Reco.




After enjoying cocktails it was time to be treated to dinner and speeches under the stars, with flamenco dancers, an amazing band and dancing in a truly breathtaking setting.


Dancing! dancing and more dancing…..


Cake time! after enjoying a lovely evening it was time for guests to make there way into the main house for a spectacular cake cutting and a quick group shot. After the outdoor dancing it was time for more! and with a great dj guests really let there fair down to finish off a truly epic wedding.


Hope you enjoyed a few that caught the eye and it really was a grey pleasure to work with you all for the few days. Very excited to get to work on what will be a breathtaking wedding album.


Huge enormous thanks to these people:

Clare Doane

Veronica Hansen



I’m truly impressed, Jeremy. Be sure I’m gonna stay in this blog to look for more! 😉

Great photos of a fantastic wedding Jeremy. As always a pleasure to work with you. Clare