As many of may know Dee and I set off on an adventure to India for most of March. I didn’t know what to really expect from India but we have both been mesmerized by its people and places and are already planning another trip for next year. We visited Delhi, Ramathra fort, Rhantambore Bagh ( tigers ) , Jaipur ( Holi ) , Jodpur, Jaiselmer, Pushkar and Udapur ( our favourite place ) and used pretty much every available form of transport.

We have many friends who have been to India and most would agree that trying to describe India is not something easy, the wonderful people, the food, the noise, the dust, despite all the chaos though neither of us have probably every felt so calm as we did in India ( apart from the odd road trip ) this is certainly something I will never forget.

We saw many amazing things on our travels and the list of magical moments would be vast. As you can imagine trying to decide which images to share was not easy! we have sooooo many images between us trying to decide on 40 was not easy and I change my mind every day so I thought I would post some of my current favourites.

For the more techie ones amongst you, the choice of what to take was tough, my “day job” really only ever involves using 2 prime lenses but knowing what to take and travel light and be able to capture what I wanted was tough. I ended up taking a D700 and a couple of prime lenses and other than the safari it pretty much remained in my case, the real here for me was the little X100, nearly all of the images you see here were shot using this camera, and for a holiday camera it worked out great despite its little quirks.

Really hope you enjoy some of these images and Thank-you India we will be back ( very soon )

J + D

Rajasthan_India01 Rajasthan_India02 Rajasthan_India03 Rajasthan_India04 Rajasthan_India05 Rajasthan_India06 Rajasthan_India07 Rajasthan_India08 Rajasthan_India09 Rajasthan_India10 Rajasthan_India11 Rajasthan_India12 Rajasthan_India13 Rajasthan_India14 Rajasthan_India15 Rajasthan_India16 Rajasthan_India17 Rajasthan_India18 Rajasthan_India19 Rajasthan_India20 Rajasthan_India21 Rajasthan_India22 Rajasthan_India23 Rajasthan_India24 Rajasthan_India25 Rajasthan_India26 Rajasthan_India27 Rajasthan_India28 Rajasthan_India29 Rajasthan_India30 Rajasthan_India31 Rajasthan_India32 Rajasthan_India33 Rajasthan_India34 Rajasthan_India35 Rajasthan_India36 Rajasthan_India37 Rajasthan_India38 Rajasthan_India39 Rajasthan_India40 Rajasthan_India41 Rajasthan_India42 Rajasthan_India43 Rajasthan_India44 Rajasthan_India45 Rajasthan_India46 Rajasthan_India47 Rajasthan_India48


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