Oh what a day!

The adventure with Rebecca, Ben and the family began a long time ago and the plans for the day originally included the possibility of speedboats and even helicopters. After a crazy week in Mallorca this was the kind of perfect intimate little wedding that I love to document – you never have to look far for little bits of emotion and the connections between everyone.

You may recall that Spain and Gib have not been the best of mates, especially recently. We were all a little nervous leading up to the big day, after hearing about the enormous queues at the border.

In the end the we didn’t get a speedboat, but a taxi! Which was probably a very smart move, and as it turned out after deciding to walk across the border, there wasn’t a car or queue anywhere in sight.

After a very smooth border crossing it was time for a short freshen up stop at the Rock Hotel before heading over the road to the Botanical gardens for the most intimate and emotive of wedding ceremonies accompanied by Bex, Aaron and Marcella. After another quick stop at the hotel to pick up the duck (spot the duck) we made our way back to Spain and the drive back to the lovely Kempinski hotel in Estepona.

A quick dash to the beach for a few family images, and then it was time for Ben to hand out gifts to everybody! Whilst they enjoyed dinner in the most stunning setting under the tower in the gardens accompanied by another amazing creation from Sweet things by Fi. (Whilst Ben continued to play with all the toys)

Every wedding is a real honour to be a part of, but weddings this intimate are really very unique and it really was a very special day and one I was honoured to be a part of. Hope I get the chance to hang out with you all again one day!



Kempinski Hotel


Sweet things by Fi



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Daniel Antcliff

Amazing pictures of my Brother and his beautiful family on their very special day. Danjel

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