Back at the start of June it was time for the long awaited wedding of Ruth and David.

Ruth would be up there in the “perfect bride” catergory when it comes to pre wedding communication, she was very keen on the images to be as natural as possible, creative, and to capture all the emotion of the day, of which there was plenty. The day started in Nerja at the lovely Carebeo hotel, upon arrival everything was very relaxed and chilled, as it always is with Lorraine from Princess Bride doing her thing. Ruth and the girls looked amazing!

I have been to the church in Frigliana many times over the years and it is one of the most beautiful settings you will find. Itis, however always guaranteed to be hot. Monsignor John Kenneally conducted a wonder ceremony before everyone hastily made their way to the cool shade of the bar in the square.

If the sights of the beautiful wedding ceremony in Frigliana were not enough it was time for the main event!

Casa de los Bates is Spanish country house on the outskirts of Salobrena and has always been one of my favourite venues for a wedding. Guests arrived up the red carpet to the magnificent house and were treated to canapés and cocktails. Dinner was server in front of the main house before some everyone enjoyed some very funny speeches.

Finished? nope! After coffees and deserts, enjoying the setting sun, it was time for everyone to make their way through the gardens to the “party area” where they were treated to some beautiful piano music by none other than the Piano man.

What a day! Thanks guys! It was certainly and epic day and can’t wait to design you an amazing wedding album.

Huge thanks to the following:

Paula, Perfect Spanish Weddings

Rebecca Louise Films

Lorraine, Princess Bride

Casa de Los Bates

The Piano Man

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