Finally! after a month of office distruption I am right back on track with the last few weddings of 2012 and it doesn’t get much better than working with people you love working with and a bride and groom who were a real joy to hang out with.

So Hacienda San Jose again! well hardly……no secret that I am a big fan of working at new locations but heh if your going to work several times at once place thank goodness it was HSJ. I must admit the creative brain was working overtime to create something equally unique and original for Sal + Jay but they were up for anything so I think we did pretty good.

Start of season and end of season weddings always have the bonus of knowing your going to get some great light at some point during the day and we were not to be disappointed. The preparation took place in the bridal suite before a heartfelt ceremony on the front lawn. Lizzie Marriage seems to treat every wedding as if its her first and her last, she has a rare skill in making each celebration totally unique and I have shed a tear behind the lens at many.

So a perfect days requires more than just a great imagination and the team from Fiesta Sol turned the gardens into a beautiful setting for the wedding dinner and lots of great speeches. Of course no wedding would be complete without a cake, not just any cake but “Sweet thing by Fi”, being able to watch Fi add the finishing touches to the cake was a treat and the end result truly breathtaking.

After cake and coffee it was time for Mr Ian Preston to do his thing and trust me no one does it better. Well thats it from my adventures with Fiesta Sol for the year but look forward to many more next year.

Huge thanks to Sal & Jay and family for making Ruth and I feel so welcome! really hope you enjoy a few of our faves.

Thanks again to the following for all “doing their thing” so well!

Fiesta Sol

Princess Bride

Lizzie Marriage

Sweet things by Fi

Ian Preston


J & R x





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