Sandy & Bing got in touch earlier in the year and were planning a trip to Spain from Bejing to do some travelling and have a couple of portrait sessions around Spain. By the time I made my way up to Seville Sandy and Bing has already had a great photo-shoot in Barcelona with Victor Lax.

Seville can be pretty warm! and after managing to find the hotel (after walking past it several times) the temperature was touching 41.5c which is very hot indeed. We jumped in the taxi and spent a few hours in and around the beautiful city of Seville.

Thanks for inviting me to spend some time with you both in Seville and wish you both all the best for the Wedding.


Chinese_Wedding_Photos_Seville001 Chinese_Wedding_Photos_Seville002 Chinese_Wedding_Photos_Seville003 Chinese_Wedding_Photos_Seville004 Chinese_Wedding_Photos_Seville005 Chinese_Wedding_Photos_Seville006 Chinese_Wedding_Photos_Seville007 Chinese_Wedding_Photos_Seville008 Chinese_Wedding_Photos_Seville009 Chinese_Wedding_Photos_Seville010 Chinese_Wedding_Photos_Seville012 Chinese_Wedding_Photos_Seville013


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