Seville is without doubt one of my favourite cities for anything,especially an intimate destination wedding. When Kim first enquired about me documenting her wedding it was one of those where you think “Hope they book me, hope they book me” and they did! and I was looking forward to it ever since.

When I arrived Kim and the girls were busy with all the preparations in the Suite Alcaza which as the name would suggest is right next to the Alcaza with the most spectacular views of the Cathedral and Seville.

The ceremony itself took pace a short horse and carriage ride away at La Iglesia de la Santa Caridad, despite Kim having a “moment” when a tram got a little to close to our carriage. (Told you I got it)

After a lovely ceremony, of course everyone made their way back to Suites Alcaza, why wouldn’t you? there are no better views in Seville.

Guests were treated to some heartfelt speeches and amazing food as the sunset over the city. As far as intimate weddings go this will take some beating. Really hope you enjoy all your images, a great pleasure to document your day and a big thanks to your family and friends for being so welcoming.

Of course these kind of wedding don’t just “happen” a huge thanks to Jenny the Spanish wedding planner, Jose for his help on the day and the Suites Alcazar, I sincerely hope I will be back one day.






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