Sonia and Yusuf are a very cool couple from Brighton and when they asked me to document their 2-day wedding in Marbella I jumped at the chance. On Saturday evening Sonia and Yusuf invited family and friends to the stunning villa they were staying in for an evening of flamenco, paella, and of course their very own cocktail bar.

As if the guests were not completely blown away by Saturday nights location and party Sunday saw the main event at the beautiful Shanti-Som Spa retreat just outside Marbella and a stunning spot for a wedding.

The Indian wedding ceremony was full of colour and wonderful traditions including of course stealing,  the groom’s shoes. After the ceremony, guests were treated to cocktails and canapés before a few short speeches and some fine dining.

Shanti-som is a lovely location for a wedding and has many different areas that can be utilised. After the lovely dinner in the courtyard, guests were invited down to the yoga area for some dancing and naked cake! A big thanks to Shanti-som, Sunshine weddings and the team for a great couple of days and Fiesta Sol for all the amazing food.

Hope you enjoy a few of my favourites and the full collection of images, can´t wait to get cracking on your album it will look amazing!


Sonia_Yusuf_20150142 Sonia_Yusuf_20150112 Sonia_Yusuf_20150142 Sonia_Yusuf(J)_20156175 Sonia_Yusuf_20154653 Sonia_Yusuf_20154611 Sonia_Yusuf_20154600 Sonia_Yusuf_20154550 Sonia_Yusuf_20154451 Sonia_Yusuf_20154424 Sonia_Yusuf_20154420 Sonia_Yusuf_20154309 Sonia_Yusuf_20154289 Sonia_Yusuf_20154267 Sonia_Yusuf_20154258 Sonia_Yusuf_20154235 Sonia_Yusuf_20154212 Sonia_Yusuf_20154152 Sonia_Yusuf_20154049 Sonia_Yusuf_20153956 Sonia_Yusuf_20153936 Sonia_Yusuf_20153898 Sonia_Yusuf_20153784 Sonia_Yusuf_20153689 Sonia_Yusuf_20153385 Sonia_Yusuf_20153109 Sonia_Yusuf_20153021 Sonia_Yusuf_20152897 Sonia_Yusuf_20152681 Sonia_Yusuf_20152626 Sonia_Yusuf_20152238 Sonia_Yusuf_20152086 Sonia_Yusuf_20152049 Sonia_Yusuf_20151975 Sonia_Yusuf_20151797 Sonia_Yusuf_20151758 Sonia_Yusuf_20151497 Sonia_Yusuf_20151441 Sonia_Yusuf_20151408 Sonia_Yusuf_20151297 Sonia_Yusuf_20151208 Sonia_Yusuf_20151103 Sonia_Yusuf_20150813 Sonia_Yusuf_20150688 Sonia_Yusuf_20150683 Sonia_Yusuf_20150626 Sonia_Yusuf_20150600 Sonia_Yusuf_20150465 Sonia_Yusuf_20150399 Sonia_Yusuf_20150340 Sonia_Yusuf_20150302Sonia_Yusuf_20150166