Sororistas | Bridal shoot


Really have to thank Helen, Sam and Tara for inviting me along on this one. Styled shots are definitely all the rage on the coast in 2020. A “real wedding” is pretty hard to come by. Styled shoots , or collaborations, whatever you like to call them are a great way for the wedding creatives to show off their skills, and for many a chance to try new ideas, and some of the work produced by vendors on the coast has been really incredible! I still remember when plastic chair covers were considered pretty high end, so trust me the things people come up with these days are seriously phenomenal. 

My ears definitely pricked up when I heard about this shoot, and it really was a thrill to be part of the day. I try and approach “styled shoots” in the same way I would a wedding as much as possible, having a more “documentary” approach this can be challenging but I am really happy with the result, I don’t like to direct much at all if possible, I prefer to look for interesting and creative compositions and use the light as much as possible, posing or directing is not something I try and do. It is always great to work alongside Sam, our approaches tend to compliment each other, and we don’t fall out that often 🙂 and Helen is usually not far away to make sure we are both generally doing as we should.

It is a real challenge to organise so many people in a short amount of time, and the amount of organising and planning that goes into putting these shoots together is pretty Epic! (Tara, Helen, Sam) so really can thank them enough.

For anyone who has been involved in weddings for a long time, this summer will have been very damaging to there businesses so I think its even more amazing really that despite the current times so many creatives can all come together and make produce some really cool work, we are blessed on the Costa del Sol to have some incredible wedding professionals and it was a great to spend the day with just a few.  

Hope you enjoy a short film of the day and a big thanks too:

Photography @bloomfield_wedding_photography

Videography @jeremy_standley_weddings

Stylist & Florals @pedronavarro_es

Planning  @wedouniqueweddings

MUA & @nicolacuddymakeup

Hair @alexbridal

Hair Accessories @eleventhheaven11

Brides Dress @santosyevanovios

Bridesmaids Dresses @rewrittenbridesmaids

Stationery @nulkinulks

Cakes & Sweets @echevarridesign

Venue @elmolinodelduque