I only really “met” Sue and Sam via Skype a while before the wedding and that conversation consisted mainly of talk about our dogs and not so much about the wedding. This was one I was really looking forward to, along with the added bounds of a new venue Pedro Jimenez.

Its always great to work with familiar faces and it was great to see Lorraine and her funky tunes. Sam and Sue both got ready at the venue and all was very chilled and relaxed as Sue got ready surrounded by family and friends and Sam was assisted by the boys and a shot of Scotland’s finest. Stunning views of the Med, glamorous guests, and beautiful surroundings for the ceremony were all supervised but the lovely Lizzie Marriage who conducted a moving ceremony with plenty of tears!

After all the emotions of the ceremony it was time for guests to relax and enjoy a few cocktails before a beautiful dinner in the gardens by the pool. After some very amusing speeches it was time for Sue and Sam to cut the cake! (Not so easy it turns out, especially when its a cheese cake). With a tequila bar, cigars, and great music it was time to dance the night away!

Thanks so much for letting me be part of the day guys and really hope you love the images.

J Big thanks to:

Rachel Rose Weddings

Lizzie Marriage

Princess Bride

Corjito_Los_Caballos001 Corjito_Los_Caballos002 Corjito_Los_Caballos003 Corjito_Los_Caballos004 Corjito_Los_Caballos005 Corjito_Los_Caballos006 Corjito_Los_Caballos007 Corjito_Los_Caballos008 Corjito_Los_Caballos009 Corjito_Los_Caballos010 Corjito_Los_Caballos011 Corjito_Los_Caballos012 Corjito_Los_Caballos013 Corjito_Los_Caballos014 Corjito_Los_Caballos016 Corjito_Los_Caballos017 Corjito_Los_Caballos018 Corjito_Los_Caballos019 Corjito_Los_Caballos020 Corjito_Los_Caballos021 Corjito_Los_Caballos022 Corjito_Los_Caballos023 Corjito_Los_Caballos024 Corjito_Los_Caballos025 Corjito_Los_Caballos026 Corjito_Los_Caballos027 Corjito_Los_Caballos028 Corjito_Los_Caballos029 Corjito_Los_Caballos030 Corjito_Los_Caballos031 Corjito_Los_Caballos032 Corjito_Los_Caballos033 Corjito_Los_Caballos034 Corjito_Los_Caballos036 Corjito_Los_Caballos037 Corjito_Los_Caballos038 Corjito_Los_Caballos039 Corjito_Los_Caballos040 Corjito_Los_Caballos041 Corjito_Los_Caballos042 Corjito_Los_Caballos043 Corjito_Los_Caballos044 Corjito_Los_Caballos045 Corjito_Los_Caballos046 Corjito_Los_Caballos047 Corjito_Los_Caballos048 Corjito_Los_Caballos049


These are fantastic. Just love that so much laughing is captured. Thank you.

Thanks Graeme, glad you enjoyed.

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