Simran + Chris

"To the most amazing photographer that we have ever known! OH MY GOODNESS: WE ARE BLOWN AWAY, STUNNED and again AT A LOSS OF WORDS. Smiles cannot capture how we feel, our tears barely end before starting all over again We are still processing it all! We can't seem to find the right words, but when we do.. you'll be getting a copy of that chapter! YOU ARE AMAZING at WHAT YOU DO!!!! Jeremy, you are so incredibly talented in your field. The photographs (a word that barely skims the surface to describe your art) blew us away. We have not been able to respond because of the sheer enormity and impact they had on us. Your artistic talent has astonished us completely. We don't know what to say (even more so now)! We feel this message doesn't even begin to capture how we felt with looking at the images! We have viewed each image for hours on end. It took us 4 days to look at them all, and its going to take months to absorb the emotions you captured. You gave us the best Christmas present in our marriage so far! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!! We honestly don't know how you did it. Sorted, edited and put finishing touches on all images, Plus a slide show that released tears at the first melody. UNREAL! You are truly remarkable and it was the best decision ever to have hired you! Big Bear hugs to you, You are EPIC!"

THANK YOU SO MUCH! Speak soon! Simran & Chris


Emily + David

"Finding a photographer was probably one of the hardest parts of wedding planning for us! We talked to a lot of photographers before we were lucky enough to find Jeremy Standley. When we saw Jeremy’s work, we knew that he would be able to capture all of the ceremony and religious elements that were so important to us, while also capturing the wild party that we were planning on throwing. We were also looking for someone who could capture some moments in a traditional way and other moments in a creative and modern way. Jeremy’s work had everything for us.”


Leen + Brego

I have no words for your work…
It is exactly what we wanted and were hoping for…
every moment of our wedding was captured perfectly and the photos breathe our party’s atmosphere incredible

I cannot express our gratitude enough….


Teresa + Todd

Jeremy, Todd and I cannot thank you enough! We went through every single photograph with my grandmother who was unable to be present in Spain and she really felt like she was at the wedding because you did such a beautiful job capturing every moment. We really feel like we can step back in time and relive the magical moments and emotions that occurred on our big day. Thank you for being so easy going. My family and I cannot say enough great things about how wonderful you were to have at our wedding, not only for your artistic eye but also for your warm personality. It was a pleasure having you there! Love, Teresa and Todd