“Ladies and gentlemen, we are now diverting to Ibiza!” That can never be a bad thing? Except of course when the wedding your documenting the next day happens to be in Mallorca! After a few hours on the tarmac in Ibiza (At-least I can say I have been now) it was a late arrival in a soggy Mallorca and my “budget” hotel.

After finding the only taxi driver in Mallorca who didn’t know where Hotel Castillo, Son Vida, was I finally arrived! One of the best things about destination weddings is you tend to arrive much earlier than you would for a local wedding so it was great to be able to document the prep of both David and Vanessa in this really fabulous hotel.

It did remain a little grey for the wedding day, but luck was on your side as it kept the temperature down and after a beautiful ceremony on the main terrace overlooking Palma it stayed dry, all allowing for a stunning setting for the evening meal and Dave getting nicely stitched up with some great speeches.

Sadly I had to leave on time as I had another flight back early the next morning, so glad it stayed dry and thanks to much for inviting me over to document your day!



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