I think the first image here really gives you a pretty good idea on their approach to the wedding day. This was the first of 2! weddings in the space of a month for Victoria and Amit with wedding number 2 being held back in the UK. The preparation took place at the lovely Guadalmina hotel before we all made our way to the stunning setting of La Virginia in Marbella.

La Virginia is not the biggest church in the area but is definitely the prettiest. After a lovely ceremony conducted by Natasha is was time for champagne in the courtyard before everyone made their way back to Corjtio Caballos in Benahavis. After cocktails and canapés around the pool it was time for some very amusing speeches.

As the sun set the music started and the party really did begin! Thanks so much for inviting me to document you day, hope you had an amazing honeymoon  and wish you both all the very best for the future.



Wedding_Photography_Corjito_Caballos001 Wedding_Photography_Corjito_Caballos002 Wedding_Photography_Corjito_Caballos003 Wedding_Photography_Corjito_Caballos004 Wedding_Photography_Corjito_Caballos005 Wedding_Photography_Corjito_Caballos006 Wedding_Photography_Corjito_Caballos007 Wedding_Photography_Corjito_Caballos008 Wedding_Photography_Corjito_Caballos009 Wedding_Photography_Corjito_Caballos010 Wedding_Photography_Corjito_Caballos011 Wedding_Photography_Corjito_Caballos012 Wedding_Photography_Corjito_Caballos013 Wedding_Photography_Corjito_Caballos014 Wedding_Photography_Corjito_Caballos015 Wedding_Photography_Corjito_Caballos016 Wedding_Photography_Corjito_Caballos017 Wedding_Photography_Corjito_Caballos018 Wedding_Photography_Corjito_Caballos019 Wedding_Photography_Corjito_Caballos020 Wedding_Photography_Corjito_Caballos021 Wedding_Photography_Corjito_Caballos022 Wedding_Photography_Corjito_Caballos023 Wedding_Photography_Corjito_Caballos024 Wedding_Photography_Corjito_Caballos025 Wedding_Photography_Corjito_Caballos026 Wedding_Photography_Corjito_Caballos027 Wedding_Photography_Corjito_Caballos028