It probably doesn’t get much more glamorous than the amazing villa of Villa El Cano. I was really lucky to get to meet Andy and Zoe and their families a couple of times leading up-to the wedding and this is a also a venue I was excited to work at. Thankfully the windy weather of the past days subsided and it was going to be a hot day in May.

Zoe and the girls enjoyed run of the villa for all of there preparations and just a short walk to the ceremony. With views of Gibraltar and Africa their can’t be too many spots were you can marry in one continent and see another one. After a beautiful Jewish wedding ceremony it was time to find a spot of shade and enjoy drinks and canapés by the pool.

With the sun beginning to set it was time for the party to begin in earnest, every photographers favourite bit and most brides least favourite bit, Israeli dancing! the usual organised chaos ensued and is always a very visual part of the day. After some very funny speeches the party really began with cocktails and dancing under the stars, all in all weddings don’t get much better than this one.



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