Adam + Michelle | Finca la Concepion | Wedding

And to the last one, but definitely one of my favourites weddings of the year. Adam and Michelle are a very cool and creative couple from London. They were joined by family and friends at one of my favourite wedding venues with one of my favourite wedding planners, all in the beautiful October sunshine just outside Marbella.

The Finca is an amazing venue and the perfect spot for these guys, it’s always a great place to work, and I won’t lie, the fact that one of my favourite music videos was shot there does help.

The lovely Vicki Rhodes conducted a beautiful ceremony in front of the main house and guests were then treated to cocktails and canapes with La Concha mountain making the perfect backdrop. Tara and the team did an amazing job in decorating the dining setting and after some emotive speeches everyone enjoyed a Fiesta Sol dining extravaganza. 

Dj Rob kicked things off in fine style and no one needed any encouragement to party long into the night! Thanks guys, a real privilege to document your day for you. Can’t wait to get cracking on your album and hope you enjoy a few from the day as well as the full collection.




Finca la Concepcion

Fiesta Sol

Liza Mayne

Vicki Rhodes

Dj Rob

Sweet things by Fi


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